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By Elizabeth on July 20, 2014

I know 12 weeks sounds like a short time to actually lose weight because most people who have tried to lose weight have spent months and others years with nothing... Read More
By Brandy Lloyd on July 18, 2014

I have always dreamt of working as an air hostess due to my love of travelling but when I was 12 years things started going wrong. My body started changing... Read More
By Jamie Anderson on July 15, 2014

I learnt about the Venus Factor like 10 months ago from a guy I was dating called Joe who is now my fiancé. He was the kind of person who... Read More
By Allison on July 02, 2014

I am 22 year old and I started struggling with weight issues since I was in high school and this made quite uncomfortable because it affected my self-esteem. I come... Read More
By Shirley Tao on June 15, 2014

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By Connie on June 07, 2014

It was back in 2012 when I got a new job; this new position forced me to abandon my daily vigorous activities. It was a desk job and I would... Read More
By Hazel on June 02, 2014

I am 45 and I am the most skeptic woman when it comes to online weight loss programs and with Venus Factor it was no different. Over the years of... Read More
By Barbara on May 28, 2014

To me weight loss has been a life long journey and at 35 I had reached a point where I thought I would never reach my target destinations. I love... Read More
By Jane Eller from Greater DC Cares on May 19, 2014

I am 34 years old and a mother of four wonderful children; every time I gave birth I would notice that I had fat on my tummy which would later... Read More
By Ami Smith on May 11, 2014

Recent Comments

August 22, 2014 by Julia

I know it is difficult to lose weight. But, it is good to see that you remain motivated through out the whole program. Good job.

August 05, 2014 by Nancy

Hey hazel I feel you have a tough weight loss journey and really appreciate your efforts.

August 04, 2014 by Bernice

really liked your review and would like to follow it soon.

August 03, 2014 by Kathleen

After going through your review, the program looks great and effective to give quick results.

August 02, 2014 by Diane

Its really true hard work and dedication gives results and it can be seen in your result. congratulations..

Venus factor is a complete fat loss program that is designed by John Barban specifically for women. It’s a program that has seemed to understand how the female body works in terms of diet and exercises. The weight loss program focuses on the two most important aspects of female weight loss which are nutrition and exercises.

Even though the key purpose of this workout is to help women lose weight but it goes further in helping a woman find their feminine side and a complete lifestyle change. The reason why this course is very popular is because it focuses on the female metabolism. It has a proven success rate in women of all ages especially those who have gained weight after birth and those who have been struggling with losing weight for years.

The main components include

  • A 12- week Workout System
  • Diet and Fat loss Manual
  • Venus Index Virtual Nutritionist.
  • Venus Index Podcast
  • Venus Community

These are the main component of the diet which goes for only $47 plus there is an option for a trial package which goes for $9.97. All this components are designed for women who want to lose some pounds, eat right, and get the required support and motivation to complete the workout system which takes 12 weeks.

Check out this Venus Factor Review:


A Breakdown of the fat loss Program

180 pages Diet and Fat Loss Manual

The manual as mentioned is about eating right and exercising that is why there is a comprehensive 180 pages of eBook. The manual by John Barban get into the detail about different diet. Before you can get down exercising one has to know the type of food they need to consume and those to avoid or cut down.

You also get to see the specific meals which are making it hard for you to lose some pounds. The diet starts by promoting the right diet as the first step of fat loss. By reading the manual readers are able to plan for their diet and make changes before they start the workouts. The manual also gets into specific detail of the female body especially on the metabolism and how to maximize the female metabolism for effective burning of fat.

The hormone in focus is Leptin which is the fat burning hormone and it controls ones appetite. The manual seeks to increase the female body sensitivity to this hormone. It basically runs for 12 weeks only and it’s comprised to books and videos plus the program is not repetitive so it’s hard for one to get bored or addicted. According to research, Barban found that a woman body has twice as much Leptin which makes their bodies less responsive to burning fat. The program at time included the Leptin dietary supplement to help those women who have inadequate hormone.

Other than that the manual has laid down real facts like:

  • The specific amount of calories and protein your body need in a given day.
  • How to plan your Meals
  • A 12 week Metabolic override program

The manual has also the 12 week work out which has been written down step by step for easier understanding. It shows you exercises and techniques that will help you lose some pounds but also tone down your body. Since the manual in in the eBook format readers get direct link to online video if they need referencing.

venus factor system

12 week workout system

This is a workout routine which forms the basis of the program which comprises instructions videos which are easy to follow. The workout exercises have been designed for women and they are divided into 3 phases each taking 4 weeks. These exercises are not demanding since they are only done three times a week. This means that users can be able to set their own workout timetable at the most convenient times.

The intensity level of this exercise increases according to the phases giving time for the female body to adjust. These workout exercises can be done at home but you can also opt to do them at the gym.

What makes this Workout System by John Barban unique is that you do not need expensive or fancy gym equipment. What you need is a small bench and a yoga mat and you are good to go. The video are laid down in an easy to understand way plus the exercise are done in sets with a specific number of repetition and rest times.

Some of the exercises you will find on the Workout system include;

  • Push ups
  • Dips
  • Bowler Squats
  • T-Bend
  • Planks
  • Step up and Press
  • Lateral raise

Venus Index Virtual Nutritionist

This is a mobile app designed to calculate the amount of calories your body needs in relation to weight, shoulder circumference, height, and waist. What this app does is require the measurement of the mentioned areas and it calculates how much calories and protein your body needs.

The designer John Barban of this program did extensive research and found that the diet schedule for one woman is different from the other. He understood that each body has different responses to change, different routine exercises and different foods and that is why he tailor-made the program to suit all women through the Venus index. This is the measurement of the body status in terms of height, hip, and waist measurement to get the specific requirement for different female body.

The Venus Index is the crucial deciding factor which determines how much food in terms of calorie and protein a woman needs to get in shape. The manual has given considerable amount of focus on female diet because irregular diet may lead to health issues and weight gain.

The Venus Index is a very useful tool because it ensures that your calorie intake is not interfering with your goal of losing weight and you are able to achieve that bikini body in just 12 weeks. This app is very easy to use plus the instructions on how to use it are available on the web via a short video explanation. When you want more information, read the venus factor reviews at this website.

venus factor index

Venus Index Podcast

The Venus Index Podcast contains the recorded stories from people who have undergone the course successfully. This is a great resource center where you find interviews and venus factor reviews, recorded audio where women talk about their experiences with this program. This includes challenges and advice to other women in the course.

The Venus Community

This is another resource center that users get for free which is access to a community of women who are going through the same course as you or those who have completed the program successfully. The Venus community has forums and blogs which allows user to interact with others in real time and share their own experiences. This is a great place to for someone who needs moral support or someone who just want to share their everyday journey with the program.

The Venus Community allows Women to get advice from women who have done it plus it’s a great place to get answers to some nagging question about health. Having the Venus Community as the part of the course is very important because it makes a difference between completion of the course and failure.

What makes this manual Stand Out

There are tons of things that this diet offers that you won’t find on other program and this is what makes the course stands out. Some of these things include:

  • It is designed specifically for women unlike other manuals which combine both men and women. This makes the exercises hard for women and thus not effective.
  • Focus on nutrition and extensive exercises unlike program which focuses on supplements, strict diet and extreme exercises.
  • It does not only help women to lose 5-20 pounds but it also helps them define their bodies in the right proportion and get the best muscle tone.
  • Has a team of dedicated Customer Support who are ready and willing to address any concern. This is something you will not find with other courses and it’s what makes Venus diet program stand out from the rest.
  • It delivers on what it has promised because if users follow it the in 12 weeks they can have the body and the shape they have always dreamed of.

Positive Aspects of the program

There lots of benefits that women stand to gain by using the diet program other than the sexy well-toned body women get a complete life transformation. It offer great value for money. The program goes for only $47 plus if you do not get the expected result then there is the money-back guarantee. Other benefits of using the course unlike other course include:

  • It works on every woman as long they are in good health and dedicated.
  • The workout exercises are simple and they strike a perfect balance between simplicity and effectiveness.
  • It come packed with demonstrative videos, pictures and written demonstrations which make it easier for someone new to the program catch up quickly.
  • All the exercises included in the program can be done at home and still get the best results.
  • The diet is not restrictive which means you can still enjoys your favorite meals and at the same time lose fat.
  • The program is Risk Free and there have been no reported cases of side effect if the rules and regulations are followed as stipulated.
  • There is the 60 day money back guarantee.

Some Negative Aspect of Venus Factor

  • One has to be patient as this manual is not for women who are looking to lose 10-20 pounds overnight without putting any effort.
  • It involves hard work and you have to invest most of your time to get the desired results.
  • It is not restrictive on the diet and users may not stay disciplined and follow the stipulated rules.

This manual is the most effective fat loss in the market for women. There are thousands of women out there who have used the manual and have success stories to share. It’s one of the few programs in the market that actually delivers on what it says. There is no other course which has combined all the different aspect of sculpting the perfect female body in the shortest time possible.

To get more information about the program, read the Venus Factor Review by Heros for life in detail. It has no known side effect and as long as the woman is of legal age and in good health then the program can work. The diet offers multiple modes of payments which are secure; such methods include PayPal, Master Card, American Express and Visa.